Susan has helped me restore confidence within my thoughts, feelings, and actions. She helped me to overcome my limiting beliefs, clear my destructive, chaotic mind when I’m overwhelmed and confused. Susan is a phenomenal coach and mentor.


Susan really gets me. I feel like I’ve known her all my life. She once coached me without saying any words and it was one of the deepest conversations I had in my entire life. She is so unique in her style. I love the color and sincere compassion she brings to our sessions.


She naturally picks up on silent cues while intently listening to you…she is a natural coach with a gift.


Susan is extremely knowledgeable, real and quite honestly, inspiring. Her approach is focused, holding me accountable, yet manages to do so with such kindness and compassion.


Susan believed in me, which in turn raised my confidence level, she knew I could do great things if only I was given the opportunity.


Susan’s greatest skill is her high level of emotional intelligence. During my internship, she coached me and gave me advice that continues to help me in my personal and professional life. Susan is a great coach, leader, and mentor.


Susan Crawford will change your life!! Im more focused, more driven and happier with life than I’ve ever been. #WinningAtLife  #Unfuckwithable


I truly believe there are moments in time and perspectives from people that shape who we are, and who we become. Susan Crawford is one of those people and this is the time. Imagine going into 2020 focused and fearless. So awesome.


OMG Susan Crawford! This is a genius program to have. I first-hand can attest to how you taught me to stand up for me before I left my government job!


I have known Sue for over 2 decades, and she has always been the person to talk to when a boost is needed. She is definitely not a typical “social worker gone motivation coach”. She is the raw deal. Her energy is strong and genuine.


Susan Crawford is one of the most supportive, knowledgeable & caring coaches. She will see you and help you find what is truly important. Give you the nudge we all need to reach our full potential.


Worth every penny! Some people cross paths with you for a reason. Susan’s messages and wisdom will drive you to be a better you. You won’t regret this investment!


Thank you Susan for creating a safe space to have profound conversations, explore deeply held narratives, make sense of past experiences in the context of now, honour my journey, celebrate my successes, be super curious, and challenge me to take better care of myself, so I can continue to do what I love most, which is to help others tap into their greatness.


Susan is raw and true to herself! She motivated me to keep pushing for my dream and to remember that I’m UNFUCKWITHABLE! I will no longer doubt myself and I will DARE to follow my path! Thank you, Susan, for empowering women to follow their destiny.

Workshop Participant