Find Your Way: A Journey Back to Yourself

Find Your Way: A Journey Back to Yourself

It’s Not Just A Program, It’s A Homecoming.

Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself along this winding journey called life?

If so, then you probably feel overwhelmed trying to balance the pressures and expectations of work and home, unsure of who you are beyond the roles you play, seeking a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Sound familiar?

Are you a woman who is:

  • Tired of abandoning yourself in every area of your life to make other people happy
  • Burned out by a never-ending cycle of Proving your worth and hiding your “flaws”
  • Longing for balance in your life but end up depleted at the end of every day
  • Ready for change but don’t know how or where to start

If you can relate, the good news is that you’re not alone.

It was certainly my experience before I discovered how to use my inner GPS as a guide to creating the life I want, and I’ve seen it firsthand in the women I’ve worked with since.  

You’ve been on autopilot – helping, supporting, and caring for others your whole life, putting you and your needs aside.

Every day you battle the inner voices that tell you how to be a “good” woman, partner, mother, daughter, employee, entrepreneur and friend but never feel like you’re “good enough”. 

You have so many people who rely on you, it’s hard to imagine doing anything different without feeling guilty or “selfish”. You don’t know how to put yourself first because no one taught you, so you’ve settled and sacrificed yourself to fit the expectations of others.

If you dare to admit this isn’t the life you imagined and are ready to find your way back to yourself …

Welcome Home.

Introducing the “Find Your Way: A Journey Back to Yourself” program.

It’s an experience designed specifically for the working woman who wants to learn how to say No to others so she can say YES to herself, and finally create a clear vision for her life that is all her own.

The core teachings of the Find Your Way program are focused on the four coordinates of your inner GPS and will transform every area of your life.

Compassion: Declare Your Worth
Courage: Activate Your Inner Knowing
Character: Live Your Essence
Choice: Unlock the Power of No

In 6 weeks you’ll learn how to:

  • Connect to your inner Truth with compassion, grace, forgiveness, and love.
  • Break the cycle of people-pleasing so you can say “no” without guilt and shame.
  • Choose yourself, over and over again, so that every relationship, at home and work, is rooted in your unwavering confidence and self-worth.
  • Eliminate the inner voices of judgment, criticism, and doubt so that you can be more confident, assertive, and courageous in every aspect of your life.
  • Trust your judgment so that you can stop seeking permission, validation, and approval from others.
  • Quit struggling to fit in and own your individuality without compromise, sacrifice, or comparison.
  • Show up in ways that empower you to be the woman, partner, mother, daughter, friend, and employee that thrives, not merely survives.
  • Release the shame, guilt, and fear keeping you shackled to an unfulfilling life of pleasing, proving, and perfecting so you can be free.
  • Fully express yourself in every situation as the most authentic, liberated, and aligned version of yourself.

What Graduates Are Saying

JUMP IN. I was worried I was too busy, but I listened to my gut and I am so grateful I did…there is no right time except right now!! Do it, I promise you won’t regret it! Do this for you, go back to who YOU are, surrounded by amazing women on the same journey.


This program is a game changer. It’s the perfect balance…and the time commitment is perfect for busy people.


You have someone to guide you to show you all the options to make that dream/path a reality. It’s really the beginning of the rest of your life.


The most impactful, specific, relevant, hands on implementation of material I have ever seen. You are leaving no possibility for a person not to change if they do what you’ve prepared for them.


What Makes This Program Unlike Any Other Experience?

Using Joseph Campbell’s, “Hero’s Journey” framework and the sciences of Emotional and Positive Intelligence, this program is a clear, step-by-step path for you to rediscover who you are from the inside out.

The goal is to help you filter out the voices of self-doubt and criticism that have convinced you to put yourself aside, and amplify the energy of your true essence so that you can say YES to you and the life you want!

In The 6 Week Find Your Way Program You’ll Be Guided To:

Week One

Find Your Why: Clear the Path To Your Transformation

Your Why is the most powerful commitment you can make so that you can create the life you want without guilt, shame or fear. In this first week, you will connect with the reasons “Why this”, “Why now” and begin to remove the limitations and beliefs that are in your way.

In this session you’ll discover how to:

  • Focus your intention for the program so you have a clear vision of what you are working towards
  • Connect with your deepest motivation and commit yourself fully to the experience
  • Stay motivated and inspired by the power of your Why so you can create the life you want

Week Two

Compassion: Declare Your Worth

As a people pleaser, it’s likely you don’t have much time for yourself and that’s why Compassion is the first coordinate of your internal navigation system. This small shift will dramatically change how you show up for yourself in relationships and at work.

In this session you’ll discover how to:

  • Stop struggling to fit in and break free from the grip of other people’s expectations
  • Practice showing yourself radical self love as you unlearn old habits and beliefs
  • Learn how to create space for your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing so that you can feel, live and work at your best everyday

Week Three

Character: Live Your Essence

Imagine what it would be like to never second guess or doubt yourself again.

This week you’ll learn how to anchor into your core values so you can confidently assert who you are and what you want, without hesitation. No more compromising what’s important to you because you are connected to your fail-proof decision making operating system.

In this session you’ll discover how to:

  • Name and define your core values so that they guide your every decision in life and work
  • Give yourself permission to make choices and create boundaries that honour your values
  • Use your values as an anchor to support your goals and align with what you truly want as a woman, partner, mother and employee/entrepreneur

Week Four

Courage: Activate Your Inner Knowing 

When you struggle with negative thoughts that make you feel anxious, worried or afraid it’s hard to know what to do next. You’re not alone. 

In week four, learn how to break free from these old patterns and beliefs with a new, more powerful mindset that will activate your inner knowing and allow you to channel the fierce courage you need to take the next best step.

In this session you’ll discover how to:

  • Silence your Inner Critics by discovering why and when they show up and how they subvert your self-esteem and confidence
  • Discover the voice, energy and mindset of your Inner Leader so you can counter the effects of your Critics and strip them of their power over you
  • Learn how to use setbacks, delays, obstacles and disappointments to move you forward instead of spiraling in feelings of failure, doubt and shame

Week Five

Choice: Unlock the Power of No

Imagine creating a new vision for your life and taking deliberate action, without hesitation or self-doubt, to make it a reality.

This week you’ll recalibrate the final coordinate of your internal navigation system and learn how to connect deeply to the people and things that support your growth while creating space for you to embrace your most unapologetic and unconventional self!

In this session you’ll discover how to:

  • Declare what you are saying YES to so that you can say No to everything taking up space in your life
  • Tap into the power of choice in every area of your life so that you can confidently decide what you want without hesitation
  • Protect yourself with unshakable boundaries from people and things in your life that no longer serve you

Week Six

Choose Your Own Adventure: Step Into The Next Best Version of YOU

Now that you’re Inner GPS is calibrated, it’s time to decide what is next for you.

In this closing week, you will reflect on your growth and set new intentions going forward that are supported by your Compassion, Character, Courage, and Choice.

In this session you’ll:

  • Revisit your Why and create new intentions to maintain your growth after the program
  • Create personal commitments to yourself so that you stay on track and moving forward
  • Celebrate your personal wins and resilience so that you can appreciate the process and your journey home

You’ll have access to a series of practical, actionable exercises designed to help guide you home, including:

Video Intensives introducing the Coordinates that will guide, anchor and focus your journey.

An Interactive Workbook with tools, links, and resources to help you quickly and easily put your learning into practice and level up when you’re ready.

Six LIVE Weekly Zoom Group Coaching Calls to grow and connect with a group of like-minded women.

A curated list of the Top 10 must-read titles for the woman who is finding her way back home to herself.

How Has This Program Helped Women Like You?

I knew what I needed to change and what I wanted to be different but I didn’t really think I was going to be able to do it this quickly. I have the tools to do it now.


The best thing you could ever hear someone say is “me too”. I am stronger, I am more compassionate, I know myself better, and I know what I need to get to where I’m going

FYW Participant

I have given myself the gift of forgiveness…this program allowed me to step back and make a different path for myself based on what feels right for me. I found MY way.


I looked and said, “who is this person”?. I did not like who I was, I did not like who I became and I would never have realized that without this program. I feel lighter like a weight has been lifted.” 

FYW Participant

Want To Have The Ultimate VIP Experience?

In the Ultimate VIP Experience, You’ll Work with Susan 1:1 throughout the “Find Your Way” program and also receive:

  • Biweekly Coaching Calls for 2 additional months to provide accountability and create sustainability after the program.

  • Unlimited Voice/Text Coaching Support for instant support, guidance, and motivation for 8 additional weeks.

Working with Susan 1-on-1 guarantees lasting results. It’s a powerful opportunity to have individual support as you take action on the vision you’ve created in the program and implement it into your everyday life.

Book A Discovery Call To Start Your Journey.