I heard this word in a podcast and it became #goals.

It means: (adj.) when you’re truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you.

Holy shit!

Where do I sign up?

Over the past 3 years I have gone through a transformation to get to this place of unfuckwithability. Ok, that may not be a word, but still. 

I want to share the 3 things I do to get there (or closer to it) EVERYDAY.

  1. STOP

Not as easy as it seems. 

It is a complete REWIRING of how I have lived my life. 

I force myself to STOP caring, worrying, fixing, and mediating everyone and everything around me. (Work in progress)

I STOP trying to control the behaviour, reactions and feelings of others. (It’s hard when you care too much)

I STOP taking responsibility for other people. (I have enough of my own shit to keep me busy)

This is me saying NO to people, places, and things that I don’t want in my life. 






Anyone who tells you that fear doesn’t exist is full of shit. 

Fear is ALWAYS there – especially when you are doing something big, meaningful, OR out of your comfort zone. 

Quit your job, start a business, raise humans – FEAR IS REAL. Trust me.

So, pay attention to the fear and ASK: “What is my fear paired with”? 

Excitement, anticipation, joyful rebellion.

Or does it feel like repulsion, avoidance or a bad fit.

If you want to be truly unfuckwithable, you’ve got to fear LESS and choose to do it anyway.

Otherwise, fear is fucking with you. 

  1. ACT

You can’t be unfuckwithable from the sidelines. 

Get off your ass and ACT.

Whatever you choose to do, DO IT.

Commit to it.

You’ve gotta take BOLD action.

You’ve gotta TRUST yourself.

You’ve gotta STOP caring what other people think.


So here’s what I know for sure:

This post won’t speak to everyone.

I may lose some people with the language, the tone or the “matter-of-factness” that I talk about being unfuckwithable. 

This may come as a surprise to people who know me as the quiet, sweet and passive Susan.

I’d like to introduce you to the LOUD, SALTY, and ASSERTIVE Susan.

Yeah, I’m both.

Something inside has shifted and I am not going to deny it anymore.

I am embracing the LIGHT and the DARK.

The good, bad and inbetween.

I am owning the BOLD, FIERCE, and OUTSPOKEN parts of who I am so that others can do the same. 

I want to live life as a strong, confident, real and UNFUCKWITHABLE woman. 

And if you don’t like it, well…

You can probably guess how I feel about that!