This isn’t a mission. 

It’s a movement. 

I have been silent for too long, waiting for my turn to speak.

I have played nice, been agreeable and compromised more than once.

I have conformed, adapted, bent and hid longer than I should have.

I am done wearing the masks that hide who I am.

I am done with feeling invisible, not worthy or good enough to be here.

I am done asking for a seat at the table.

I will take it.

I will make my own damn table if I have to. 


Because I’m ready for change. 

I am ready to be myself, fully.

I am ready to lean into my purpose.

I am ready to speak up for myself and others like me.

I am ready to make a difference. 

I am ready to speak with such unshakable truth that my voice sparks light in those who have felt like they have had to be anyone but themselves. 

I am ready to be the person I needed as a young woman of colour when I looked around the room seeking validation, affirmation and representation. 

It matters.

This isn’t a mission.

This is a movement.

Who’s coming with me?