Courage is complicated.

Sometimes we have it, and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes it inspires us, and sometimes it scares us.

Here is what I learned about courage that helped me quit my job.

4 Keys to Unlocking Your Courage

1 TRUST. In order to be courageous you have to trust yourself. We have been conditioned to think logically and to gather all the facts first. When you listen to your gut/intuition/deep inner knowing – there is a lot of information that gets missed. Trust that you have the answers in you, long before your brain figures out the details.

2 PERSISTENCE. You can’t be courageous if you are quick to quit. The road is bumpy, unpaved and messy…and you’ve got to keep pushing forward. People with courage aren’t afraid of what’s to come, and even if they are, they push themselves to go against the grain, trailblaze, disrupt and create. Relentlessly.

3 INTENTION. The confidence of knowing who you are and what you want. Couple intention with courage and you are unstoppable. Intention ignites the spark in courage and allows you to laser focus on your vision and repel negativity with teflon-like ability. Now that’s a superpower.

4 BE YOU, ONLY BETTER. Courage is in all of us but it takes certain situations to spark the need to use it. When you discover your threshold, call on courage to make shit happen. You’ve got to be you, only better. Resilient, badass, determined, self-aware and my personal favourite, unfuckwithable.

If you can connect to these 4 Keys, you can tap into the courage within you and unlock its potential.

How are you going to Unlock Your Courage today?

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