The Power of Going “All In” (as taught by my 6 year old)

An amazing thing happened last week.

After 2 months of swimming lessons, my timid, cautious little girl FINALLY dunked her head under water. 

Now, this may not be a big deal for some, but for her it was huge.

Every week, she told her coach to only dunk her to her nose, and every week we tried to nudge her to go a bit further. Nothing seemed to work.

It was a fine line between a) “do we just dunk her and get it over with?” – old school parenting at its finest, or b) do we let her make her own decisions about her body and her comfort level? 

We went with B.

Week after week we encouraged her, tried to rationalize with her, I even got in the pool with her at one point, but she wasn’t ready. 

Then it happened. 

The manager offered us a free one-on-one lesson with the sole goal to get her head underwater, comfortably. 

That was an offer we couldn’t refuse. My little one said “yes” and even got pretty excited about it. 

Sure enough, after less than 5 minutes in the pool, she did it!

And I cried. 

The pride and joy on her face was priceless. 

The coaches who were at the pool  were overjoyed too – hugs, high-fives and cheers rang out. 

I was proud even though this wasn’t my accomplishment. It’s because it was a life lesson, a moment that will be etched in her character as a reminder of what she’s capable of. 

I share this story because in it, I saw a lot of myself before I quit my job. 

The reality is, nothing has to change if you don’t want it to. 

It’s about choice. 

And when you choose, something amazing happens, a shift. A desire that takes the fear, doubt and uncertainty and turns it into trust, confidence and courage. 

But that only comes when you choose to go all in.

Last week, my daughter dunked her head, and what she learned about herself will last a lifetime. 

Last year I quit my job and the lessons are eerily similar. 

Go all in – even before you think you’re ready.  Trust yourself, believe it’s possible, and try. 

You can do it.