I was here once. 

No. That’s a lie. I’ve been here MANY times in my life. 

Stuck in a rut. 

Partially buried. Limited. Confined. Helpless. 

You start to define yourself by your rut: 

– Instead of introducing myself to strangers and sharing what I love/what I am passionate about, I talked about how miserable I was at work. 

– As a student, I would tell people I was in school for # more years, but rarely talked about how much I learned about myself and others. 

– As a new mom, I would talk about the sleeplessness (I still talk about that – the struggle continues to be real), the chaos, the fact that I missed working (yes, at the job I hated).

When you’re in a rut, you find yourself looking back because that is what you know. 

It’s familiar. 

It’s the person you were before you got stuck in the rut. 

It was you at your best before life/changes/growing up got in the way. 

Can you relate?

Your rut might be school, a job, your marriage, your hum-drum routine that doesn’t make you want to jump out of bed in the morning singing with the birds on your windowsill. (Thanks Disney for the unrealistic expectations!)

Rather, you roll out of bed, going through the motions. You feel empty inside and often look around thinking – “is this it?”.

Perhaps you’ve gotten used to your rut. It feels like home. You hung some pictures on the walls and lit a scented candle for ambiance. 

Do you even want to get out of it anymore?

Here’s what I know for sure (at least what was true for me):

Change requires choice. 

Change requires action. 

For me, it was thinking about how I wanted to show up in life. 

I wanted more and made the choice to refuse to settle. 

I wanted to reconnect with my passion, my purpose and ultimately realize my potential. 

That wouldn’t happen until I made the choice. 

I chose to dig my way out.

I chose to leave the person I WAS behind so that I could discover who I was BECOMING. 

Some days I still feel like I am climbing out of a rut. 

Some days it feels easier to just sit and rest. 

I have to be honest though – every day I know I am working towards something bigger than myself. 

I am creating the person I want to be. I am redefining myself with every step.

The secret?

– I asked for help

– I accepted help

Yup, it was that simple. 

And yet, extremely difficult. 

…but I’ll save that for another day.

What do you choose?