Let me let you in on a little secret. Quitting is just a perk. The real prize is the profound level of healing that comes as a RESULT of quitting, which may have been the hardest part. 

Here’s a preview of what happens when you quit a soul-sucking job:

You remember who you were before they broke you.

You reignite your skills, strengths and passion before they took it from you. 

You reconnect with who and what is most important before you put ‘them’ first.

You become the person you are meant to be – with more confidence, courage and resilience. 

Why? Because you quit a job that wasn’t meant for you. You refused to settle. You decided that you want more. You made a choice and took action.

But here’s the catch…

It’s not just about putting a plan in place, that’s only half the battle. You’ve got to be in the right mindset to do what comes next. 

I’d love to tell you that each step to making this transition happen is seamless, orderly and neat. It’s not. A lot of this work happens concurrently – you’ve got to manage a lot of moving parts while basically herding a bunch of kittens. 

Although it may look different for you – my process included:

  • Deciding I wanted to quit
  • Getting counselling to heal from the toxicity and negativity 
  • Surrendering to unpredictable timing and circumstances
  • Preparing to open my business
  • Finding a business coach
  • Creating the life I wanted

The bottom line is, if you haven’t taken the time to mentally and emotionally heal from the trauma of a toxic workplace your next steps will be painful, daunting and agonizing. It took me over 6 months (!!!) to purge the toxicity and negativity, and I still have moments where I get sucked into the anger, sadness and loss. 

How do you move forward? With support. 


Because you have to be prepared to show up and lean in when new opportunities come knocking. Quitting is amazing, but building resilience, finding confidence and healing your mental and emotional wounds is imperative for you to move forward.