My Manager Saved Me.

She was the one who in the darkest days of my job, showed me the light. She saw through the self doubt, the imposter syndrome, through the broken, defeated, pitiful ashes that I had become.

She saw ME. 

For two years she pushed me, challenged me, and stretched me to demand more for my life. 

She inspired, motivated and reminded me that I had more to offer. 

She showed me the runway and helped me believe that I could spread my wings and fly. 

She saved me. 

She saved my spirit. 

She saw in me what I had forgotten about myself. 

My advice:

Find the person who does this for you and hold onto them tightly. 

Don’t waste the energy they give you. 

Don’t sit idly by as they work to build you up. 

Use it to motivate you to keep moving forward. 

These people are signs that you are on the right path. 

Keep moving forward.