I hate bullies. 

I hate bullies that are protected by institutions.

I hate bullies that ARE institutions.

You know the ones I’m talking about – Government, Health Care, Education, Corporate. 

The ones who call themselves “leaders” and “innovators” but are missing the leadership and innovative spirit. 

The ones who talk about “Human Resources” but could give a shit about humans and see them as disposable resources. 

The ones that pay you bi-weekly and put food on your table in exchange for your soul, your dreams and your zest for life. 

Those ones. 

I hate bullies and I know you do too.

So why do we put up with them?

Because we are told to “be grateful” for these jobs because people would love to be in our place. 

Because “TGIF” – who cares if you’re miserable for 35 hours a week. 

Here’s what I know:

You should not feel victimized by your job or coworkers.

You should not feel afraid to speak up for yourself. 

You should not feel trapped by a job you hate. 

There is another way. 

It takes courage and confidence in ways you could never imagine – until you make the choice. 

In these tough times, you are being called to step up. 

Show these bullies who you are.

Tell them what you stand for.

Tell them what you stand against. 

It’s time to take action and start making choices in your life that put you first. 

You deserve better.