Two simple statements said to me at a time when I was at a crossroads. 

The question: which one do you want to be remembered as? The woman who doubted, or the woman who dared. 

This has stuck to me like glue.

Almost six years later as I still ask myself which one I want to be in moments when I’m invited to be bold, be seen and heard. When I have the space and opportunity to share my story. 

The thought alone is terrifying, and I lean towards doubt. I listen to my inner critic, the false self that wants me to keep playing safe, stay quiet and remain comfortable. 

But then I hear it, that other voice, the one that sounds like passion, conviction, fierce courage and she says “dare”.

She pushes me to lean in…and stay. Despite the discomfort, in the face of fear, she helps me be strong. 

As I stand at a new crossroad in my professional life I ask myself again, which one do I want to be. 

I choose to dare. 

In the words of Winston Churchill (thanks Brene Brown), I’m going to dare greatly. Because it’s much better to be in the arena doing what you love than criticizing from the sidelines, wondering what could have been.