Susan works with people who are ready to dive deep into self-discovery so they can create maximum impact in life and work. Her clients range from Millennials to Gen Xers who want focus, direction and confidence and who are ready to step confidently into the life they want. She helps uncover your unique strengths; navigate transitions; and unlock your potential using transformational coaching, Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0) and powerful accountability.


Susan is an engaging, highly skilled and compassionate facilitator. She expertly weaves together experiential learning and reflective exercises while cultivating group connections to make learning stick. Her group coaching and facilitations are always lively, fun and creative with a healthy balance of well planned content, valuable takeaways and unparallelled professionalism.

Public Speaking

Susan is a natural speaker. She is charismatic, enthusiastic and passionate about her work and wants to inspire others to feel the same. Susan can be booked for keynotes, assemblies, conferences, workshops and team development. She leaves audiences feeling motivated, empowered and energized.

Signature Programs

It is Susan’s mission to help women discover who they are so they can reclaim their time, energy and self-worth to live the lives they design. She is an unconventional woman by nature and this is perfect for those who want to be the same. It takes fierce courage and bold action to live YOUR life, Susan wants to show you how.


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